Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Comforter

November 17, 2019 By CP9admin 0

If winter comes, can a comforter be far behind? It’s all about staying cozy and warm in the bleak and cold winter, especially while sleeping! As such, a winter goose down comforter seems a wonderful choice providing luxurious comfort and unlimited warmth for you during these tough, cold months. However, you may be wondering “where do I start?”, “How can I pick a comforter that fits to my sleeping habits?” or “what should I be aware of before buying a comforter?” Well, we’ve prepared some ideal tips to help!

Down vs Alternative Down

A down comforter refers to any comforters stuffed with the light feathers of ducks and geese, whereas down alternative comforters contain synthetic materials like rayon or polyester with a small amount of any other natural materials like cotton. This is why down comforters can sometimes feature a higher price point as the material is of a higher quality and more natural.

Fill Power Matters

The “fill power” of down is a measure of its fluffiness, meaning how much one ounce of down or synthetic material can expand to. Usually, a down comforter with 550 to 750 fill is of considerable quality. A good rule of thumb is: the higher fill the power, the better the insulation. At Puredown, for example, we offer a winter goose down comforter with 600 fill power offering coziness and warmth without getting you too hot. However, some of you may live in a quite cold area where a higher fill power might be required is needed. On that note, we also have this 800 fill power down comforter for you Winter folks!
Compared to down alternative comforters, our down comforter has a naturally higher fill power thereby keeping you warmer, while at the same time being generally lighter in weight. On the flip side, down alternative comforters require more synthetic stuffing which makes them heavier.

Cleaning Down

While down alternative comforters are relatively easier to clean and can often be machine washed, it is recommended that down comforters be washed via dry cleaning as machine wash may damage it. However, another aspect you want to consider is the filling. A down alternative filling is weaker than a traditional, natural down filling which means the down alternative comforter will be less durable. If you want a long-lasting comforter, we absolutely recommend going with a down comforter.

Construction & Design

The construction and design of a down comforter is crucial as it affects the warmth and delicateness of the comforter. A common and popular design is a baffle box, which ensures that the down inside the comforter will not be moved or clump to the corners. “Baffle” refers to the thin strips of material sewn between the top and the bottom cover which creates boxes that hold the feathers in place. A baffle box design is usually considered the best as it keeps the down secure inside the comforter.


After briefly summing up the features of both down comforters and alternative down comforters, you may now have a better idea of which of these two types of comforter is right for you. Thanks to the nature of the material inside, down alternative comforters are usually cheaper. So it’s worth taking into consideration that if you are on a tight budget, then perhaps a down alternative comforter is the best option for you. But if you are considering a long-term and warmer experience for the Winter months, try the down comforter with high fill power as it will help ensure your Winter is as warm as it should be!