Disabled Rescue Pup Hits the Runway

June 6, 2019 By CP9admin 0

Rescue dog, Effie has come a long way from the Apollo Support and Rescue in Justin, Texas. And now she is ready to be the celebrity of the show! Effie offers been proudly selected to represent all handicapped dogs during this year’s New York Pet Fashion Show.

Benefiting the Mayor’s Alliance to get NYC’s Animals, this total annual show is the kickoff to Westminster Weekend and New York Fashion Week. All the dogs attending the February 7th display, will become dressed to impress and Effie is definitely no exception. Effie will be the first Pit Bull and 1st ever wheelchair puppy to be presented in the New York Pet Fashion Display Runway. Effie is ready to show off her bravery and her Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Effie’s Rescue

Living in a plastic bin inside of a Fort Well worth garage, Effie was covered in urine burns and excruciating pain. Due to a spinal crush injury Effie was unable to move the lower half of her body. Monica Brown, the Special Needs Coordinator at ASR, experienced by no means met a paralyzed puppy before Effie and after seeing Effie’s living conditions, she knew that she wasn’t leaving without her and she would do anything to get Effie mobile again. Falling in love, Monica decided then and there that she would foster Effie herself.

From Paralyzed to Walkin’ the Runway

After undergoing spinal surgery and recovery, Monica was concerned about getting Effie moving too quickly. Luckily, she experienced Jason Parker from the Gunnar’s Wheels Basis cheering her on. Jason knew that the sooner Effie was in her Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair the more successful her recovery process would be. Jason encouraged Monica to get Effie on her feet as soon as possible and reassured her that Effie would never have to worry about outgrowing her wheelchair since Gunnar’s Wheels would gift her with a wheelchair for life. Her life was forever changed when she was gifted her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, giving her the hard- earned second chance at life she so deserves. Monica is amazed by Effie’s progress, and how far she has come in such a short period of time.

“Effie can move more now and even wagged her tail for the first time a few weeks ago, and we certainly wouldn’t be walking a huge fashion show without her wheels”.

A Journey With a Purpose

Handicapped Pets is proud to help sponsor Effie and Monica’s trip from Texas to New York. Joining Effie and Monica on their trip to New York City will be six additional rescue dogs on the way with their new permanently homes! Including Dove, Effie’s foster sibling who’s both blind and deaf. Representatives from Handicapped Household pets will meet up with Effie in NEW YORK and help her plan her runway debut.